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Preston Abbey Launches Solution for Secure Paperless Transfer of Government Classified Files

Preston Abbey PA-CFT eliminates the need for government personnel to manually feed secure fax machines and is compatible with Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol



RESTON, VA, 06 FEBRUARY 2018 – Preston Abbey, a developer of solutions for the secure transmission of confidential and sensitive documents, today introduced the     PA-CFT (Classified File Transfer), enabling government and defense agencies to transfer any classified files, including documents, photos, videos and maps, with the security of Secure Telephone Equipment (STE). When using Preston Abbey PA-CFT, transmitted files never leave a secure environment, thus providing a paperless solution that allows sensitive files to be sent electronically, dramatically reducing the risk of classified documents being compromised during the manual fax process.


“There is a pressing need for this type of solution due to the increasing number of attacks on Internet-based systems, such as email and databases, which represents a major threat to those in government who need to protect and secure classified information,” said David Shaw, President and co-founder of Preston Abbey.


Preston Abbey solutions accomplish the secure transmission of classified documents without the use of email, the Internet or any mechanism susceptible to eavesdropping or other interference by unauthorized parties, including foreign governments, terrorist groups, hackers and anyone who would leak sensitive material on public web sites.


Preston Abbey offers an effective migration path from obsolete or outdated secure fax equipment to a completely paperless operation, with little or no impact on the day-to-day operations of a government agency or its communications network. Preston Abbey solutions support the reliable connection of modern printer/scanner devices to replace legacy equipment and secure mission critical document exchange over existing communications channels, retaining the full advantages of STEs for confidentiality.


The full Preston Abbey product range meets the needs of civilian government and military agencies that rely on STEs and Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) to send and receive classified files and includes:


  • PA-CFT (Classified File Transfer)
    • The paperless solution
  • PA-LFR (Legacy Fax Replacement)
    • A cost-effective alternative to aging and often failing fax machines
  • PA-SAA (Stand Alone Application)
    • A software solution allowing connection of a STE to Windows or Mac


The Preston Abbey solutions allow the standard RS232 interface for STEs to seamlessly access the full features of the advanced software.


“It is abundantly clear that the emerging requirement for sensitive file transmission is to retain the faxing mechanism’s extraordinary security of a point-to-point, direct communication path, while avoiding the tedious need to handle physical documents,” said James Abbey, CEO and co-founder of Preston Abbey. “With PA-CFT, government users will become more efficient by being able to transfer documents to or from their computer directly without having to go through the time and trouble of manually operating a fax machine.”

The Preston Abbey PA-CFT will automatically determine the nature of the recipient device and make the appropriate technical arrangements. Designed with reliability in mind, the proprietary firmware is hardened against transmission errors or other communications problems and will optionally retry data that fails internal integrity checking. Preston Abbey solutions provide long-term dependability for secure document handling requirements, as well as an upgrade path for new features.


Preston Abbey solutions require minimum engineering changes or network alterations. They enable users of legacy equipment to migrate easily and effectively to modern, inexpensive paperless solutions. Speed is mandatory and is provided by mature platforms that Preston Abbey leverages to provide robust solutions for critical document handling. The Preston Abbey solutions are fully automated and feature a simple web interface, ensuring quick and easy configuration and set-up. Once installed, they will operate continuously without user intervention.

About Preston Abbey

Preston Abbey develops reliable, mission critical communications solutions that secure the connectivity and delivery of confidential and sensitive documents for government and DOD agencies. Headquartered in the heart of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area's technology corridor, Preston Abbey has unparalleled experience, expertise and knowledge of secure fax technology for government deployments. For more information visit the website at:


# # #



Amy Foschetti

Interprose for Preston Abbey

o +1 704.246.8955  

[email protected]


Sikorsky Qualifies Weapons System for Digital Black Hawk Helicopter

SINGAPORE, Feb. 5, 201 -- Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) company, has completed qualification to military standards of a comprehensive weapons system for S-70M / S-70i™ Black Hawk helicopters. Fully integrated with the aircraft's existing avionics, the system allows either pilot to place munitions quickly from forward firing guns, rocket pods and laser-designated air-to-ground missile launchers onto static or moving targets with high accuracy.

"Sikorsky has vastly simplified the complex task of placing rounds onto a target from standoff distances by calculating the complex ballistics required for effective airborne gunnery," said Bill Gostic, Sikorsky vice president of Global Military Systems & Services. "Once the weapons interfaces and electro-optical infrared sensor are integrated with the Black Hawk helicopter's existing controls and displays, international militaries can add external wings and weapons of choice in less than three hours to perform a range of medium attack missions."

In 2017, Sikorsky concluded a six-year development program of the weapons system, including two years of live fire tests at the U.S. Army's Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. Sikorsky's independent Qualification Assurance Board recently verified and validated the weapons system's effectiveness and conformance to operational safety, airworthiness and firing accuracy.

Weapons are carried by two external wings supporting four weapons stations, which can support any combination of fixed forward 50-cal (12.7mm) gun, 7- or 19-shot Hydra 70 rocket pods, or Hellfire air-to-ground missiles. Additionally, the qualified configuration features pilot-controlled fixed forward or crew served flex fire 7.62-mm mini-guns mounted to both cabin windows.

Once integrated for weapons delivery, the armed Black Hawk aircraft can be configured to perform a variety of medium attack missions:

  • Attack, armed escort, fire suppression: Carry full external weapons load, with ammunition pallets and auxiliary fuel tank inside the cabin
  • Troop transport and assault: Seat up to 10 troops and two window gunners with external wings (no ammunition pallets inside the cabin)
  • Anti-armor: Carry up to 16 laser guided missiles.

To engage with guns and rockets, the weapons system presents continuously updated targeting symbology to each pilot's helmet mounted display. By following the cues on the display, the pilot can maneuver the aircraft and engage the target. The system also provides target designation for laser-guided HELLFIRE missiles.

Available from Sikorsky, the Black Hawk weapons system can be tailored to customer preferences.

About Lockheed Martin
Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 100,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.

SOURCE Lockheed Martin

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Leidos Joins Forces with IBM, Unisys, and Verizon to Pursue the U.S. Navy's Next Generation Enterprise Networks Re-compete Service Management, Integration and Transport Program

RESTON, Va., Feb. 5, 2018 -- Leidos (NYSE: LDOS), a Fortune 500® information technology, engineering, and science leader, announced today it has joined forces with IBM, Unisys, and Verizon Enterprise Solutions to pursue the U.S. Navy's Next Generation Enterprise Networks Re-compete (NGEN-R) Service Management, Integration and Transport (SMI&T) program.

The team brings decades of experience supporting the federal government's evolving information technology (IT) needs. Leidos is the largest government systems integrator and the top provider of IT services and technical solutions to the U.S. Federal government. IBM has a track record of pioneering innovation, and houses one of the world's largest research and development organizations. Unisys builds high-performance, security-centric solutions for the most digitally demanding businesses and governments on earth. Verizon Enterprise Solutions is a leading provider of IT solutions to the Federal government, and is continually recognized for its portfolio of security, wireless, and network services. Combined, the team offers commercial best practices through research and development innovation, technology leadership, and the security expertise needed to provide a smooth transition to a future system that will achieve the Navy's critical modernization mission.

NGEN-R SMI&T will provide IT and support services to the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN), and the Outside of the Continental United States (OCONUS) Navy Enterprise Network (ONE-Net). The team's breadth of experience and history of mission-focused IT solutions demonstrates its capability to support the Navy and Marines' global operations.

"Leidos is a leading global solutions integrator with a prominent portfolio among the international federal IT solutions and service providers," said Roger Krone, Leidos Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "The merger with Lockheed Martin's former Information Systems & Global Solutions Business strengthened our scale to provide cost-effective, agile, and 'speed to mission' capabilities that solve our customers' most challenging problems. The Leidos team offers unmatched execution excellence, proven engineering rigor, and business analytics that can expertly support the Navy's critical missions anytime and anywhere."                 

About Leidos 
Leidos is a Fortune 500® science and technology solutions and services leader working to solve the world's toughest challenges in the defense, intelligence, homeland security, civil, and health markets. The company's 32,000 employees support vital missions for government and commercial customers. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Leidos reported annual revenues of approximately $7.04 billion for the fiscal year ended December 30, 2016. For more information, visit

Statements in this announcement, other than historical data and information, constitute forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. A number of factors could cause our actual results, performance, achievements, or industry results to be very different from the results, performance, or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Some of these factors include, but are not limited to, the risk factors set forth in the company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the period ended December 30, 2016, and other such filings that Leidos makes with the SEC from time to time. Due to such uncertainties and risks, readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date hereof.



Melissa Koskovich                 

Jennifer Moffett 


(571) 526-6850                  

(571) 526-6852


[email protected]                

[email protected]



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Squirrel Compliancy Solutions Announces Automated Network Compliancy Solution is Now Available for Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) STIGs

CARY, N.C., Feb. 1, 2018 -- Squirrel Compliancy Solutions combines decades of industry experience assisting organizations with IT Service Management (ITIL) implementations, deploying monitoring platforms to increase operational visibility, and providing consulting for a variety of regulatory security compliance standards. We saw the need for an automated network and communications security compliance solution when observing challenges leading to financial penalties, unmitigated security vulnerabilities, and staff redirection from critical operating duties, to performing tedious and time-consuming compliance audits. Squirrel Compliancy Solutions helps our clients in the Department of Defense (DoD), with near-term plans to support other civilian Federal agencies, State and Local governments, Financial Industry, Utilities, and Healthcare, as well as others, achieve a consistently higher level of network security compliance while reducing operational overhead and cost. 

The DoD is continuously implementing new methods to ensure network and communications security. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) releases Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) to assist with the protection and defense of the systems that support military readiness and operations. Cyber Command Readiness Inspections (CCRI) are performed to assess defensive posture as it relates to STIG best practices. 

Squirrel Compliancy Solutions' Automated Network Compliance allows you to understand your network infrastructure security posture at a glance. The ability to quickly move our solution across network classifications, as needed, ensures communication security for any environment, allowing you to determine your operational risks. 

Squirrel's Compliancy Solutions automates the repetitive, tedious, and labor-intensive process of network and communications security compliance, saving you and your technicians valuable time. This allows your team to focus on operating the environment instead of administrative tasks. It saves thousands of man hours during the auditing process while also allowing you to have daily visibility into your security posture with targeted remediation. 

Know your network better than your adversaries with Squirrel Compliancy Solutions. 

Media contact:
Eric Cumming
[email protected] 

SOURCE Squirrel Compliancy Solutions

All-new Crystal Group Rugged 1.5U Server maximizes performance and availability of critical systems

HIAWATHA, Iowa, -- Crystal Group Inc., a leading designer/manufacturer of rugged computer hardware, is unveiling its RS1.533S18G Rugged 1.5U Server, specifically engineered to meet modern military needs for high-performance, highly reliable computing in even extreme operating environments, at WEST 2018 Feb. 6-8 in San Diego, Calif.

The all-new Crystal Group RS1.533S18G Rugged 1.5U Server is a modern, open-architecture system in an all-aluminum chassis with internal cross-braces and stabilized components to withstand high shock and vibration. Flexible and scalable, the RS1.533S18G is designed to meet current and future needs with dual Intel® processors, up to 512GB of DDR4 memory, up to nine removable solid-state disks (SSDs), and USB 3.0, audio, and Gigabit LAN interfaces.

"Crystal Group's RS1.533S18G Rugged 1.5U Server is a modern, high-performance alternative to the U.S. Navy's current combat and electronic warfare server employed in Virginia-class submarines," says Robert Haag, vice president of sales and marketing for Crystal Group. "An immediate, cost-effective, drop-in replacement requiring no physical, electrical, or software modifications, the RS1.533S18G delivers improved reliability, greater weapon system availability, superior cooling, and a smaller integrated logistic support footprint to maintain operational readiness today and in the future."

Crystal Group's RS1.533S18G is designed, meticulously manufactured, and tested to provide a low-risk path for military technology insertion, sustainment, and modernization programs to improve mission uptime and system availability in the field and at the tactical edge. Measuring just 18 inches deep and weighing 25 to 30 pounds, the new rack-mount server can quickly and easily replace aging systems in 1.5U/1U configurations, including Q-70 Navy consoles on current and future Virginia-class submarines.

"Sustainment efforts needn't be stunted by long lead times, reliability issues while underway, and dead-on-arrival units. Rugged, reliable hardware and services are needed to support the electronic warfare, sonar, combat, data-sharing, and other mission capabilities that are so critical to military readiness and mission success," says Crystal Group's Jim Shaw, executive vice president of engineering. "Crystal Group's RS1.533S18G Rugged 1.5U Server is designed from the ground up to be more effective at fulfilling modern military needs. We attended the barge test in Rustburg, Virginia last November and witnessed the RS1.533S18G successfully operate through four shots under barge shock testing and pass.  It was impressive!" Shaw added.

Crystal Group is demonstrating the company's new RS1.533S18G Rugged 1.5U Server, RACERugged Autonomous Computer Equipment, FORCE™ Fully Optimized Rugged Computer Equipment, RCS7150-12 and RCS7450-24 Rugged Switches, as well as its popular RS255, RS2616S18, and RS378 Rugged Servers; RE1312, RE1401, and RE0412 Rugged Embedded Computers; and SE16 Sealed Embedded Computer in Booth #2022 at WEST 2018.

Crystal Group has a proven track record and reputation for providing quality products, services, and support, with its rugged hardware deployed on more than 500 military programs. Crystal Group has delivered more than 5,000 servers and critical system capabilities to the U.S. Navy via the Automated Digital Network System (ADNS), Integrated Shipboard Network System (ISNS), and more. Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) Integrated Logistics Support in Charleston, South Carolina, reports a considerably low Crystal Group hardware failure rate of approximately 1.6% and no dead-on-arrival (DOA) units to date, over a nine-year period. (Read more about deployments at this link.)

Visit Crystal Group in Booth #2022 at WEST 2018 to learn how the company's rugged servers, switches, and embedded computers can meet your specific program requirements, today and for the future. WEST 2018, the sea service conference and exposition co-sponsored by Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association (AFCEA) International and the U.S. Naval Institute (USNI), takes place Feb. 6-8 in San Diego, Calif.

About Crystal Group Inc.
Crystal Group Inc., a technology leader in rugged computer hardware, specializes in the design and manufacture of custom and commercial rugged servers, embedded computing, networking devices, displays, power supplies, and data storage for high reliability in harsh environments. An employee-owned small business founded in 1987, Crystal Group provides the defense, government and industrial markets with in-house customization, engineering, integration, configuration management, product lifecycle planning, warranty, and support services.

Crystal Group products meet or exceed IEEE, IEC, and military standards (MIL-STD-810, 167-1, 461, MIL-S-901); are backed by warranty (5+ year) with in-house support; and are manufactured in the company's Hiawatha, Iowa, USA, facility certified to AS9100C:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards.

© 2018 Crystal Group Inc. All rights reserved. All marks are property of their respective owners. Design and specifications are subject to change.


SOURCE Crystal Group Inc.

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Gryphon Technologies Wins $83.5 Million Single Award Task Order for engineering and technical services support to the Naval Sea Systems Command Surface Ship Maintenance (NAVSEA 21) Surface Maintenance and Engineering Planning Program (SURFMEPP)

WASHINGTON, Jan. 31, 2018 -- Gryphon Technologies LC has been awarded a single-award task order to provide engineering and technical services to the Naval Sea Systems Command Surface Ship Maintenance (NAVSEA 21) Surface Maintenance and Engineering Planning Program (SURFMEPP). 

"Becoming part of the SURFMEPP team providing surface ship life cycle maintenance engineering, maintenance, and modernization planning for the US Navy is a huge addition to Gryphon's overall strategy," said P.J. Braden, founder and CEO of Gryphon. "Gryphon will work with the SURFMEPP professionals providing centralized surface ship life cycle maintenance strategies aligned with and responsive to National, Fleet, Surface Type Commander and NAVSEA needs and priorities."

Gryphon will provide engineering, maintenance and availability planning, mission and administrative support services, executive and program management support, and Fleet/Type Commander Technical Support services to centralize surface ship life cycle maintenance engineering and class maintenance planning and management requirements.

Work will be performed at SURFMEPP headquarters in Portsmouth, VA, as well as other locations within the continental United States and overseas. The contract was competitively won under full and open competition and if all options are exercised, it is expected to be completed by August 2022. 
Gryphon Technologies is a premier professional and engineering services firm headquartered in Washington DC and specializing in warfare systems and integration, naval architecture and marine engineering, program management, test and evaluation, and logistics.

Media Contact:
Courtney Walker
[email protected]
SOURCE Gryphon Technologies

Raytheon executives to speak at Cowen and Company 39th Annual Aerospace/Defense & Industrials Conference on Feb. 8

WALTHAM, Mass., Jan. 30, 2018 -- Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) announced today that Raytheon Chairman and CEO Thomas A. Kennedy and Raytheon Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Anthony F. O'Brien will speak at the Cowen and Company 39th Annual Aerospace/Defense & Industrials Conference on Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018.

Their presentation is scheduled to start at 9:15 a.m. EST, and their remarks will be audiocast live (listen-only mode) through the Raytheon website, A replay will be available through the Raytheon website approximately one hour after the conclusion of the live audiocast and will remain available for seven days following the conference. No charts will be used.

About Raytheon
Raytheon Company, with 2017 sales of $25 billion and 64,000 employees, is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions. With a history of innovation spanning 96 years, Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration, C5I products and services, sensing, effects, and mission support for customers in more than 80 countries. Raytheon is headquartered in Waltham, Mass. Follow us on Twitter.

Investor Relations Contact
Todd Ernst

Media Contact
Corinne Kovalsky


SOURCE Raytheon Company

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U.S. delivers 12 Black Hawk helicopters to strengthen Jordan Air Force

AMMAN, Jan. 28 -- The Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) on Sunday officially received the final shipment of new Black Hawk helicopters from the United States, bring the total number to 12 of all aircraft received over the last nine months, the U.S. Embassy in Amman said.

The helicopters will strengthen the JAF, its Quick Reaction Force (QRF), and Jordan's security, said the embassy in a statement to the press.

Prince Faisal bin Hussein presided over the delivery commemoration of the Black Hawks, with Charge d'Affaires of U.S. Embassy Henry Wooster and General Joseph Votel, Commander of the U.S. Central Command, representing the United States.

"The U.S. and the Kingdom of Jordan have a historic and enduring relationship, built on shared values and shared interests. Our military partnership epitomizes our mutual goals for a secure and stable region. Today's ceremony marks the beginning of a new JAF capability in the form of a state-of-the-art UH-60 Black Hawk fleet," said Wooster at the ceremony.


U.S. delivers 12 Black Hawk helicopters to strengthen Jordan Air Force. (Reuters Photo)


The U.S. delivered the first installment of the 12 Black Hawks in March 2017 and the final installment in December 2017, a delivery completed in unprecedented speed for this number of aircraft.

The U.S. Congress appropriated 470 million dollars in 2017 to the JAF and RJAF, including training for pilots, crew chiefs, and maintenance technicians, as well as spare parts, ground equipment, weapons, ammunition and shelters for the Black Hawks.

InstantEye Robotics Opens New Product Development Facility

ANDOVER, Mass., Jan. 25, 2018 -- InstantEye Robotics announced today that it has opened a new facility dedicated to the development and manufacturing of its family of tactical unmanned aerial systems. The 33,000 square-foot facility – with integrated design labs, manufacturing lines, and indoor and outdoor flight arenas – was specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of the InstantEye Mk-2 GEN3, GEN4 and GEN5 product lines.

"We are very excited to be up and running in our new facility," said Tom Vaneck, Vice President of InstantEye Robotics. "The entire space was designed from the ground up to streamline the product design process. Having our design labs, manufacturing floor and flight arenas co-located means that new products and enhancements to existing products get to market faster, and we are best able to control costs and maintain quality."

The InstantEye Product Development Facility tightly integrates the design labs with the engineering area, allowing the product team to easily collaborate and test new concepts. The engineering area is adjacent to the manufacturing floor. While each InstantEye product has its own dedicated manufacturing line, "link points" enable efficient sharing of common components and subsystems for assembly and installation on several products.  One of the keys to the success of InstantEye products is design commonality; "It gives a sense of familiarity to customers and drives out cost and complexity," said Richard Guiler, Director of Product Development.

The InstantEye Product Development Facility also has indoor and outdoor flight arenas. The large indoor flight arena is an open space equipped with a motion capture system and easily reconfigurable "obstacles." All new product designs are tested, tuned and proven in the indoor flight arena prior to moving to outdoor flight testing for real-world evaluation. Only after a product has successfully passed stressing performance tests is it released for sale.

InstantEye Robotics is a division of Physical Sciences Inc., also located in Andover Massachusetts. InstantEye Robotics is a global leader in tactical unmanned aircraft systems. When customers need a reliable, portfolio-manageable, multi-mission system, they choose InstantEye.

Press Contacts

Kimberly Kohlhepp
InstantEye Robotics
[email protected]

SOURCE InstantEye Robotics

Building Protection Systems, Inc. (BPSI) and MKS Instruments, Inc. Join Forces to Protect Private Industry From Targeted Attacks Using Chemical Weapons With The High-Powered MKS AIRGARD® Ambient Air Analyzer

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24, 2018 -- Building Protection Systems, Inc. (BPSI) announced today that they have successfully executed a Sales and Distributorship agreement with MKS Instruments, Inc. the manufacturer of the Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)-based AIRGARD ambient air analyzer.

A key threat identified by the Department of Homeland Security is the targeted release of Radioactive Material, Toxic Chemicals and/or Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) distributed through a building's HVAC system to either harm building occupants or cause mass business disruptions.  The MKS AIRGARD ambient air analyzer is an ultra-sensitive, (FTIR)-based gas analyzer designed to rapidly detect CWA's and other toxic gases.  The AIRGARD has been thoroughly tested by the Department of Defense for its sensitivity, specificity, response time, and immunity to false positive alarms.  This immunity to false alarms prevents unwarranted evacuation of buildings, associated interruptions of business, and emergency notifications when no threat materials are present in the building airflow.  The AIRGARD has been tested by DoD and DHS as one of the pre-eminent technologies for chemical vapor detection.

"The AIRGARD® ambient air analyzer is an excellent addition to the extensive detection capabilities of BPSI's Sentry One™Toxic Chemical and Radiological Detection Solution.  It is a best of breed technology focused on detecting some of the most lethal toxins known as Chemical Weapon Agents or CWA's.  The ultra-low false alarm rates and excellent real world operational up-time make the AIRGARD® a perfect addition to our line-up of high performance detection equipment focused on saving human life," said Jay Poggi, Lead Engineer of Homeland Security Solutions at BPSI.     

"BPSI fits well as a partner with MKS, focusing on non-Government solutions in the Chemical Warfare Agent detection stationary gas analyzer market. The addition of the MKS AIRGARD® to BPSI's Sentry One™ platform, coupled with SAFETY Act Designation and BPSI's solution and service capability, make for a strong partnership for this market," said Vidi Saptari, General Manager P&EA MKS Instruments, Inc.  

About BPSI
BPSI is the world leader in reliable automated toxin protection life-safety systems for public gathering spaces, mass transit stations, and buildings. Founded by building systems experts with over 30 years of infrastructure experience, BPSI's products are U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security SAFETY Act designated Qualified Anti-Terrorist Technologies (QATT) that quickly and reliably detect, identify and isolate toxic chemicals and radioactive isotopes in the air to protect innocent people and assets. More information can be found at or 888-888-BPSI.

About MKS: About MKS

Media Contact:
Jay Poggi
Lead Engineer - Homeland Security
(925) 451-4017
[email protected]  

SOURCE Building Protection Systems, Inc.

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